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JOIN US TO CLIMB MOUNT ELBRUS IN 2014! we do many successful ascents of the highest peak of Europe every year
Welcome to Ersh Travels. We have been operating in the mountains of Russia, Central Asia, Nepal and China since 1991 and have a rich experience of the successful work with mountaineers, trekkers and alpine skiers from Europe, South Africa and America. Click here to see our programmes that have been done during this period.

To choose one of our programmes, please, see our TRIPS AND EXPEDITIONS SUMMARY for all our tours in 2014. Also, pay attention to our confirmed programmes for the year of 2014. Click here to see our prices, booking and payment regulations, recommendations about equipment and other necessary information.

sunrise on Elbrus

Besides our programmes we will be glad to help you to realize your own ideas and projects. Contact us and we will prepare, organize and carry out a mountain trip or expedition of any kind according to your order with good service and moderate prices. Click here to see reports and photos of our previous trips and expeditions.

For tour operators, travel agencies and groups we have special prices with discounts depending on the group size and programme.

Kongur-Tiube (7595 m), the Kun-Lun

WARNING! Rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and other outdoor activities are inherently dangerous and can seriously injure or kill you. Our guided and non-guided mountain trips and expeditions involve risks and danger connected with travelling in the mountain terrains, accidents or illness in remote places with no medical facilities, accidents caused by the forces of nature. Taking part in our non-guided trips and expeditions, you should agree to accept these risks on your own behalf.

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last update August 27 , 2014

Elbrus Economy Package Elbrus Economy Package is our service-package for people who prefer self-organized and independent travels. Click here to learn more about our Elbrus Economy Package.
RH German Elbrus - 2014 Expedition On June 18 Dr. Roland Hogenschurz (Germany) with our guide Mr. Viktor Ershov successfully summited Mt. Elbrus.
SP Nepalese Elbrus - 2014 Expedition On July 20 Mr. Sanjay Pandit (Nepal) with our guide Mrs. Oksana Kotlyar successfully reached the top of Mt. Elbrus.
CL Russian Elbrus - 2014 Expedition On August 8 Mr. Dmitry Vdovkin and Mr. Andrey Yurchenko (Russia) with our guide Mr. Viktor Ershov successfully summited Mt. Elbrus. Then Andrey did a snowboard descent from the summit (5642 m) to the Blue Hut on 4080 m.
OM Russian Elbrus - 2014 Expedition Despite the awful weather on August 19 Mrs. Elena Malakhatka and Mrs. Yulia Malakhatka (Russia) with our guide Mr. Viktor Ershov could reach the Eastern summit (5621 m) of Mt. Elbrus.

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